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Road Patrol

The Patrol Division of the Andrew County Sheriff's Department is staffed by 12 full time road deputies and 3 reserve road deputies who are dedicated to the citizens of Andrew County. We are committed to proactive patrolling and traffic enforcement for the protection of the citizens of Andrew County. We are charged with the responsibility of investigating criminal activity and traffic enforcement, as well as patrolling the 435 square miles area in Andrew County. We are also active in assisting in Civil Process, Corrections, Drug interdiction and Court Security.

A Sheriff's vehicle parked by the lake.

Members of the Road Patrol Division understand that we need the assistance of the citizens of Andrew County to effectively perform our duties. We believe the citizens of Andrew County are our best resource in preventing criminal activity and the like. It is only in a partnership with the citizens that we can be truly be effective in our mission of keeping your property, homes, and families safe.

We are looking forward to serving and working with the citizens of Andrew County. You may contact me, Sheriff Grant Gillett, personally by phone at (816) 324-4114.

Josh Smith, Chief Deputy
Josh Smith
Chief Deputy

Sergeant Charlie Donahoo
Sergeant Anthony Rodgers
Investigator Brandon Taylor
Deputy Tommy Hudson
Deputy Steve McDermit
Deputy Chris Anderson
Deputy Bryce Howard
Deputy Sammy Hoyt
Deputy David Glidden
Deputy Gary Howard
Deputy Kelsey House
Deputy Zach Atkins
Deputy Colby Atkins
Deputy Stephanie Resler
Deputy Jada McMillen
Deputy Tyler Huffer                                                                                                                                                                                                            Deputy Dustin Jeffers                                                                                                                                                                                                        Deputy Michael Clements