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Shelly Gatewood
Jail Administrator

The Andrew County Jail is located 400 East Main Street in Savannah, Missouri.

The Andrew County Jail is a 84-bed facility. We have a total of 7 cell block areas, 3 maximum security holding cell areas, 1 medium security, 2 lower risk holding areas (Trustee and Work Release Inmates) and 1 cell block to hold subject being detained for investigation of a crime. The Andrew County Jail is also equipped with 1 isolation cell and 1 medical cell, which is for high-risk detainees who need additional supervision.

In addition to Andrew County inmates, we also hold detainees for the City of Savannah, Country Club Village, Clinton County, Holt County, City of Independence Mo, Jackson County Mo, Lees Summit Mo, and Wyandotte County KS. On occasion we will have a prisoner from another county awaiting extradition, transfer, change of venue on court case, or an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

The jail is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our jail staff is always on the move in making certain all our duties and obligations are carried out.

Many people comment that a county detention officer is much the same job as working for the Department of Corrections (DOC). This is only true in the sense of keeping other people in custody. A DOC employee may be assigned a specific duty such as working kitchen duty, monitoring a housing unit, or staffing the control center. Our staff covers everything from intake, medical questions, assess risk and custody levels, monitor food preparation and service, monitor all inmate activities, dispense medications, follow Court orders on specific issues for detainees from no contact lists to mandatory urine testing, serve warrants, monitor suicidal persons, administer first aide, and handle visitation from attorneys, preachers, counselors, and family/friends. It is fair to say the duties of staff in the Andrew County Jail are extremely demanding.




Below items are received on visiting days only or within 48-hrs of the inmate's incarceration...
All items will be inspected before delivery.

  • Prescription medications
  • Envelopes and stamps.... envelopes and stamps can only be used for legal mailings, writing spiral notebooks (ONLY IF INMATE IS SENTENCED TO DOC)
  • All inmates will send out mail on post cards.
  • Inmates will not be allowed to mail post cards to each other within the facility.
  • All legal/court documents.
  • NO BOOKS OR GAMES are allowed.
  • 5 loose photos - not framed - NO NUDITY OR SHOWING OF SKIN
  • 5 pair white underwear - 5 pair white socks
  • 5 white tee shirts only - no writing on them
  • 2 pair white long johns - WINTER ONLY - no sweatshirts or sweatpants
  • FEMALE inmates can only have sports bras or bras without wire.
  • No hygiene items - MUST purchase on commissary.
  • No other clothing items or tennis shoes will be allowed from outside or from inmate's property.


Visitation Hours For The Andrew County Jail
Saturday/Sunday 8:30am - 11:30am & 1:00pm-4:30pm

Religious services offered Thursdays, Muslim services on Fridays.


Off-site visitation
Monday-Friday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

To set up a visitation go to:


To add money to an Inmates account:
Use the kiosk machine in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office or visit:


Local Qualified Bonding Agents (Andrew and Buchanan)

  • James Fulton 816-279-BOND Collect 2663
  • Phillip Hubbard 660-224-9269
  • Norman Clark / Mike Clark 816-232-4904
  • Tim Slagle Bail Bonds 816-279-2440 Collect/ 600-853-9056
  • Linda Poe Bail Bonds 816-232-0730
  • Heldenbrand Bail Bonds 816-288-0605 Cell 816-233-JAIL (5245) Accepts collect Calls
  • Bratten Bail Bonds 816-415-4448 office / 816-809-3537 cell

*A complete list of qualified bonding agents may be obtained through the office of state courts of administration (OSCA) in Jefferson City.*




Inside, this handbook will outline the Rules and Regulations of the Andrew County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) Jail for both Inmates and the General Public as to all areas of the ACSO Jail Operation. The Andrew County Sheriff has the option of changing any and all of the rules and regulations, at his discretion, and without proper notice, to assure the safety of this facility and the Inmates within.

REVISED May 24th, 2018

Inmates on medication, prescribed by a physician, may be brought into the jail upon incarceration or when refilled. Prescription medication must be in an approved container with the inmate's name on it. All information must be on the prescription container to include: dosage, the prescribing physician, and the current date the prescription was filled. All prescription costs are the responsibility of the inmate. Over the Counter medications like: Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Aspirin, and Anti-Acids can be purchased off of commissary.

The Andrew County Jail will provide each Inmate with (1) one clean blanket, (1) one fitted sheet, (1) mattress, (1) one towel, (1) one pair of orange shoes, (1) one cup, (1) one spork, and (1) one set of inmate uniforms (top and bottom) along with one clear tote, all of the inmate's belongings shall be kept in the tote while not in use. The issued items are ACSO Jail property and if damaged the cost for replacement will be billed to the inmate and could result in prosecution and/or disciplinary action.

Inmate clothing and bedding will be laundered according to the laundry schedule set by ACSO Jail Administration. If the inmate fails to have laundry ready, they will have to wait until the next scheduled day for their laundry to be cleaned.

Mail is a right of each Inmate and will not be delayed in posting or delivery. Incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband before delivery. All outgoing mail will be on postcards with the proper postage and have a legal first and last name along with an address and a return address. Only legal mail outgoing can be in an envelope. Legal mail will not be sealed until it is inspected by staff. Any mail sent or received at this jail must go through the U.S. Postal Service. Inmates held at the ACSO Jail are not allowed to write letters to other Inmates, also incarcerated at this facility.

Inmates can express grievances, complaints, ask questions, and/ or make special requests via Inmate inquiry, utilizing their day room's kiosks. Grievances and Inmate inquiries must have as much information on them as possible regarding incidents, procedures or conditions and must be completely filled out and submitted to the Sheriff, Jail Administrator, and/ or Jail staff. Inmates must file a grievance with the Jail Administrator if you feel as though you have been subjected to abuse of your rights while incarcerated. Inmates are not permitted to file a grievance on behalf of another Inmate. Inmates must file grievance within (48) forty-eight hours of the alleged abuse being reported (unless reporting sexual abuse/harassment) and include specific details supporting the grievance. If the inmate feels the Jail Administrator did not adequately address the grievance, a second Grievance, to the Andrew County Sheriff can be filed. Inmates must file the grievance to the sheriff within (48) forty-eight hours of receiving written notification of the Jail Administrator's findings/ actions and include specific details explaining why the inmate felt that the response was not appropriate. The Andrew County Sheriff will investigate the appeal and resolve any issue(s) found. Failure to exhaust each appellate level in the specified order and described manner will disqualify the inmate from the grievance process. Abuse of this procedure could result in suspension of this privilege and cause other disciplinary actions.

If an inmate requires medical attention, a medical inquiry must be completed via kiosk to explain symptoms to the ACSO Jail nurse. There is a fee of $10 to see the nurse if a sick call request is put in through the kiosk. All Chronic Health issues are free of charge. Should an inmate become ill or injured suddenly the Jailer on duty should be notified immediately. The jail staff will procure the necessary medical attention needed. Any and all costs of medical attention and medication are the responsibility of the inmate. IAW, RSMO 221.120

Inmate cell areas may be searched when necessary to inspect for items not authorized in the jail. Day rooms and shower areas will be kept clean and free of trash and clutter. Inmate cell areas will be kept clean and orderly. Nothing is to be hung over doors, on walls, tables, beds or over any light fixtures. NO TOBACCO OR SMOKELESS TOBACCO, LIGHTERS, MATCHES OR ANY RELATED ITEMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE JAIL. Any person(s) caught trying to bring these items into the jail by any means will be arrested and charged appropriately.

Visitation hours at the jail are, Saturdays and Sundays 8:30-11:30 am and 1:00-4:30 pm. Each inmate will be allowed (2) two, (30) thirty-minute visits per week. Persons visiting must fill out appropriate paperwork to schedule a visit and present photo identification (ID) before each visitation session. Failure to do so will result in visit cancellation. It is suggested that all persons visiting an inmate come at the same time and arrive at least (5) five minutes prior to visit's scheduled start. Any Inmate serving a commitment of (5) five days or less, individuals being held on a (24) twenty-four-hour investigative hold, inmates on Writs from other facilities, and any inmate who is on lock down status, will not be permitted visits. Anyone who is currently on probation or parole status is not allowed to visit Inmates incarcerated at the ACSO Jail. Visitation is a privilege, not a right, and can suspended. Any visit can be stopped for inappropriate acts.

Clergy and Attorney visits are allowed at the jail and within the guidelines, outlined below. Clergy and Attorneys may be asked to produce proper ID before any visit is allowed. Religious services will be held on Sundays at 3:00pm unless advised otherwise.

Clergy - Clergy may visit the jail as long as approval is done prior to the visit. Clergy visits are allowed (1) one time per week and last (30) thirty minutes and will not be allowed during regular visitation times. The Clergy must call in advance to set up a time for the visit.

Attorney - Attorneys may visit their clients at the Jail Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm, Tuesday's from 1:00pm - 4:30pm. All visits must be scheduled in advance.

Turnkey provides commissary items that can be purchased from the kiosks and/ or phone system. Only items purchased from this menu are permitted at this facility. Funds for each inmate may be deposited on the inmate's account. Items may be ordered any time prior to Sunday at 10pm and will be delivered on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week, unless there is a shipping error. Items purchased on commissary are the property of the inmate. If an inmate orders commissary and is released from jail prior to its delivery, the inmate has (5) five business days to claim the property. If commissary is not claimed, it becomes the property of the jail. Any inmate that is found to be indigent will be provided basic hygiene items by the jail. Phone time credit may be purchased on the commissary system. Phone credit and commissary may be ordered as long as the inmate has money on their account.



  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Commissary
  • Games
  • Visitation
  • Free Roam
  • Use of pod day rooms

All inmates are expected to shower regularly and maintain personal hygiene. Inmates can purchase hygiene products through commissary each week. Any inmate found indigent will be provided a basic hygiene pack by the jail. (With the discretion of the Jail Administrator)

Below items are received on visiting days only or within (48) forty-eight hours of the inmate's incarceration.
All items will be inspected before delivery.

  • Prescription medications
  • 5 loose photos (not framed no nudity)
  • Legal/court papers
  • 5 pair of white underwear
  • 5 pairs of white socks
  • 2 pair white long johns (no sweatshirts or sweatpants)
  • 5 white t-shirts (no writing)
  • 5 white sports bras

A variety of books will be available electronically for viewing thru Turnkey. A copy of a Bible along with a copy of NA/AA educational material ( 1 copy each ) will be allowed per inmate.We will not accept books for an inmate. No hygiene items will be accepted for those incarcerated at this facility. Hygiene items may be purchased on commissary. No other clothing items or tennis shoes will be allowed from outside or from the inmate's property. (With discretion of the Jail Administrator)

Any person being held on a (24) twenty-four-hour investigative hold will not be allowed a phone call until charges have been brought down, or their (24) twenty-four hour hold has expired. Any phone calls made afterward are to be made in the pod on the jail phone. The jail phones are provided by Turnkey, and allow those detained to make calls to cell and home phones. An inmate PIN number will be issued to Inmates upon booking, so that they may complete any calls from inside the jail. Phone time credit may be purchased through commissary at any time the inmate's account has over $1.00 available. All inmate phones are recorded for facility safety purposes.

All inmates will abide by the Rules and Regulations of the ACSO Jail. Any Inmate(s) found harassing, disturbing, threatening or assaulting other Inmates can expect disciplinary action or criminal charges against them. Loud, abusive, rude, or insulting language toward other Inmates or staff will result in loss of privileges and/ or disciplinary actions.

All Jail Staff will maintain a professional attitude when dealing with all Inmates and detainees. Jail staff will assure the Rules and Regulations of this facility are followed. Jail staff will report any violations in writing on a Jail Incident Report to the Jail Administrator and staff will take the necessary measures to isolate/stop a disturbance in the facility. Staff at the Andrew County Sheriff's Office will not harass or sexually harass inmates, male or female at this facility.

Any person, staff, or Inmate, found attempting/allowing contraband into the office area or the jail will be criminally charged for their actions.

This facility falls under PREA regulations.


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