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Fingerprint Services

hand getting fingerprinted


The Sheriff's Office is available to take fingerprints for individuals needing a set of prints taken for things like:

Employment such as:

   School employment

   Day care employment


NFA Item's such as:


   Shot-barreled rifles

   Short-barreled shotguns

   Any other NFA item

Anyone wishing to have fingerprints taken must provide the fingerprint cards, we do not have these available at the Sheriff's Office for use.

Additionally starting July 01, 2024, there will be a $10.00 fee associated with each set of fingerprints obtained, as required by Missouri Statute. We cannot give change so please bring the exact amount. We also cannot accept personal checks for this service.

Obtaining these fingerprints are not the same as obtaining fingerprints for a concealed weapons permit application.

If you are in need of this service please contact dispatch at 816-324-4114, option #1 to schedule a time to come in to get your fingerprints taken.

*Please note that even during scheduled times, there may be a delay or cancelation due to the availability of Deputies to assist in taking your fingerprints.*