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The Andrew County Sheriff's Office school DARE program is currently in place in (5) five elementary schools of the elementary schools in Andrew County. 

The Andrew County Sheriff's Office and its employees are strong supporters of the program. During the DARE Funday held for each class at the end of the program, several of our employees will help make the Funday possible by donating their time to help set up the event and participate in the event.

The Andrew County Sheriff's Office currently sponsors the DARE Program in the following schools:

  • North Andrew School Dist.
  • Avenue City School Dist.
  • John Glenn Elementary School
  • Amazonia Elementary School
  • Helena Elementary School


What it means to be a dare officer.

"Drugs are Bad." "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs."

Anti-drug messages are all over the place courtesy of television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. In an effort to inform young children about the dangers of drug use, the DARE, or drug abuse resistance education program, is also in nearly every school across the country. DARE Officers are Police Officers who go to schools to share this information with kids.

As a DARE Officer, you work in conjunction with government leaders, Teachers, and parents to send a powerful message to kids. You target children at a young age in the hope of giving them the tools they need to say no to drugs. But kids aren't ready to deal with the harsh realities of the world all at once, so you cater to different age groups.

As a DARE Officer, you teach elementary-age kids about safety issues. In the 5th, and 6th grade the information targets safety issues and focus on drugs.

You role-play and provide tools to deal with peer pressure. In addition, you inform them about the different types of drugs, and ways that drug dealers will try to trick kids into using or even selling for them. For the high school group, you talk more about the side effects, and share real-life stories about how drugs ruin lives.

Young students gather next to an ambulance and fire truck.

Young students gather around a helicopter that is used for medical transport.

Young students gather around an Andrew County Ambulance.