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Junior Deputy Program

Logo.pngThe Junior Deputy Program, initially inspired by Dekalb County, was developed by Sheriff Andy Clark with the aim of enhancing the education of Andrew County's youth on the perils of drugs and alcohol, as well as imparting valuable lessons on safety.

This comprehensive program spans six weeks, covering essential topics such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco awareness, fire safety, bullying prevention, farm safety, and an informative session on the roles and functions of the Sheriff's Office. The culmination of the program occurs in the sixth week, featuring a review session and a graduation party for participants.

This program will extend its services to the following schools: North Andrew, Helena, John Glenn, Avenue City, and Amazonia.

School Resource Officers, Deputy Stephanie Resler and Deputy Tyler Huffer, will be actively involved in delivering the lessons and collaborating with 5th-grade students from each school.

Their engagement underscores the commitment to providing valuable education on crucial topics within the Junior Deputy Program.