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Back to School


Andrew County Sheriff's Office would like to remind you that back-to-school time is an important event for our entire community. 

Students return to class during this time, and teachers implement new lesson plans for the school year. Administrators are addressing school budgets, bus routes, staffing, and safety concerns. Parents coordinate work and school schedules, carpool, and support their student's activities and studies. Business are quipping families, teachers, and administrators with the supplies they need for a successful school year. Back to school is a busy time for all of us. 

Please be extra cautious in the traffic during this busy time. Be mindful of our schools traffic zones, especially in the morning and early afternoons. Keep an extra lookout for potential hazards around our schools and neighborhoods where children play. Slow down and increase your stopping distance. 

As school buses are back on the road, be aware of school bus routes in your neighborhood and throughout your daily travel (make sure to allow plenty of time and leave space for buses.) With school traffic, anticipate delays in your trip and leave early so you're not in a rush. As always, when approaching a school zone or school bus on the road, be prepared to stop for bus and pedestrian traffic. 

I want to thank all of you who help make our education system an integral, positive force in our community. Our children are counting on us - let's work together to make back-to-school time a rewarding, fun, and safe time for all Andrew County residents.

Thank you, 

Sheriff Grant L. Gillett