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A need becomes a reality.


Dear Citizens,


The Andrew County Sheriff's Office has recognized the need for a drop-off disposal sight for unused and expired prescription medications and has taken a proactive step to bring this need to a reality.

Through the assistance of the RX Cares for Missouri Medication Destruction and Disposal Program we have received a grant where a disposal receptacle has been purchased and placed in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office at no cost to the citizens.

This disposal receptacle is located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office which is open to the public 24 hours a day and can be used to dispose of unused or expired prescription medications. These medications will be collected and sent off to be properly disposed off helping what we hope will reduce the risk of overdose's by not having the extra medication readily available to anyone that does not need the medication as well as helping keep the medications out of the hands of children.

On our Facebook page you will find pictures of what is allowed to be placed into the disposal receptacle and what is prohibited from being placed into the disposal receptacle.

We are proud to do what we can to help keep our citizens safe and encourage the use of this disposal sight on a regular basis to anyone who would need to dispose of medications.


Sheriff Grant Gillett